The Difference Between Marketing & Brand Management

Hey! Are you confused between brand marketing and brand management? Both are imperative parts of the strategies to improve the growth of a brand. However, brand management and brand marketing look the same for the terms used for them, as well as the outstanding success both bring for a company, there is a definite difference between both. The former is responsible for creating a brand itself, while the other helps to promote it along with generating engagement. Thus, the loss of either of them is unbearable for a growing company. Read on to know more.


Understand Brand, Brand Management, and Marketing

You must have seen various brands of similar products; how do you identify them? It’s the brand and reputation of the product that distinguishes it from other products available in the relevant market. Before we hover over the distinction between brand management and marketing, let’ understand a few basic terms to make things straightforward.


Brand Vs. Brand Management

All the things that identify one seller’s services and the goods( it offers) from that of the other sellers are called the brand of that product, which include design, symbol, name, terms, and other features. It is essentially used for recognition as well as to create and maintain the value for the product/service. Whereas, brand management consists of all the actions and strategies to identify and manage how the brand is perceived in the market. It proceeds with planning to ensure the brand receives and secures targeted objectives.

You can simply put it as a brand is the impression you leave on your customer, while brand management is an ongoing process to maintain and improve that impression. It evaluates whether all the present and opted measures for content, events, products, sub-brands, others are favorable or not.


What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is a collateral work of raising brand awareness, developing its identity, image, loyalty, exercising innovative methods to create and increase brand engagement and gather ambassadors. In simple words, it is a long-term, continuous, strategic plan of action to put all the brand management strategies into action.


What is the difference between Brand Management and Brand Awareness?

The brand has the power to increase demand for the product or service, make the business stand out, and strengthen customer loyalty; brand management is the strategic planning to achieve these goals; brand marketing is the process of putting all those planning into action to execute the targeted objectives.

Brand marketing is responsible for creating social media posts, writing YouTube advertising, managing drafts, infusing color schemes in email newsletters to advertise events and sales, and so on that helps to improve brand, following brand awareness, and success.